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  • Worried about the safety of an older adult?
  • Need to talk to an expert in aging and elder care?
  • Looking for local support resources that fit your needs and budget?
  • Wondering how to be prepared and safe in the context of COVID-19 threat?
  • Needing help getting family members on the “same page” about the elder’s strengths and challenges?

We can help! You don’t have to do this alone.

As Aging Life Care™ Consultants/Geriatric Care Managers, we understand older adults and their special needs. With a foundation in occupational therapy and social work, we understand the needs and challenges of caregiving families and older adults.

We’re just a phone call away!

Let us help you address your concerns specific to the coronavirus, or more general concerns such as memory issues, driving worries, or the safety of a loved one’s living situation. We even assist with planning for future housing and elder care needs so you know what the options are and the likely costs.

Schedule a free get-acquainted call

We will talk briefly about your unique situation and your primary concerns. We can then determine if our services are the best fit for your family’s needs. Though you are always welcome to call the office, it can be more efficient to schedule a 15 minute phone call online.

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Telephone consultations

Once we decide to work together we will schedule a telephone appointment, virtual meeting, or possibly an in-person meeting (distanced and outdoors). It is likely that during our get-acquainted call or email we will have agreed on a process and possibly homework or research on either of our parts.

Please review our payment, refund, and cancellation policies below before you schedule your appointment.

Schedule a 60 minute consultation

We look forward to talking with you!

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Family Coronavirus Plan

Older adults need special protection during the pandemic as they have the highest likelihood of becoming seriously ill, or even dying from Covid-19.

  • Wondering how to keep your loved one safe?
  • Concerned about caring for them if they get sick?
  • What if YOU get sick?

Let us assist you in evaluating the safety of the current situation and talking about best options. As the experts in aging well, we are very familiar with the local providers and keep abreast of the latest developments in Boston and Northeast Middlesex County.

A Family Coronavirus Plan begins with your sending us specific information about your loved one’s situation. We will review your materials and prepare for a phone or Zoom call of up to 90 minutes in length. During the call we will address your top concerns and make suggestions about optimal strategies so your loved one receives the best care and support possible. As time permits, given your family’s unique needs and capabilities, we will also discuss contingencies and best strategies should things change. You will receive a written summary of the call. You will also have exclusive access to our Coronavirus Resources page with useful handouts and over 40 curated links to credible sources on topics ranging from how to care for someone with COVID to coping with isolation.

Schedule a Family Coronavirus Plan Consultation

Please review our payment, refund and cancellation policies below before you schedule your appointment.

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Policies and documents

Below are links to important documents and policies. Please be sure you understand our policy about refunds and required notice for cancellations or rescheduling.

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